Wednesday, July 06, 2005

4 by 4th

Went down to First Friday's. Nice art scene in downtown Phoenix where live bands play, galleries stay open late with funky offerings and folks walk around the streets sippin' on beverages like it was legal. Acoustic Carpet, featuring Dave Wilson, played a few tunes in a parking lot until the crowds finally trickled away late into the evening.

I had some digestive issues on Saturday, but still managed to do some car shopping and eat some fantastic Mexican food at Los Sombreros. MMmmmm... GWACK! Watched Oceans 12 on DVD Saturday night. Despite some horrible reviews I found it mildly entertaining.

Sunday. More car shopping and finally some car purchasing! Meet the new boss:

2001 Toyota Tacoma, V6, 4x4, TRD, SR5.

Later Sunday - Went to a pool party Sunday night up in Fountain Hills (fancy-smanchy).

Monday night - we took the new truck out to some mountains on the edge of town. The goal was to try and see all of the valley's fireworks shows at once. I chose a road on a map that said "Jeep Trail." Good choice. I threw it into 4H very quickly and did things I couldn't have imagined doing in the old truck, all-the-while listening to Chris Cross' "Jump". However, it was getting late and the road took a turn and went straight up the side of the mountain with a pretty threatening drop off on the side. No room for error here. Had it not been dark out, and had we been with more people and had I been more confident about the state of my auto insurance we might have continued to our planned destination. We settled for a spot a bit lower, got up on top of the truck, blasted some Beethoven, Bach and John Williams and watched all kinds of stuff explode in the sky.