Monday, January 28, 2008

Boycott China :: This is Tough!

Ellen and I were at Target the other day. There were a few items on the list, but only two presented some difficulty.

Soccer Ball: All of them were MIC (Made in China) except for one. Made in Pakistan. Great. Now I get to support a guy that suspended his country's constitution, and threw their Supreme Court in jail. At least the country is a Republic, so their is hope that they can get their act together.

Power Strip: Everybody needs these. So much to plug in, so few outlets where you need them. At Target, ALL the power strips were made by one company, and all of them were... say it with me... Made in China. So - I bought one. Not even one month through and I have already broken the rules. *sigh* But - I'm going to keep going. And for every China purchase I make ($6.99 so far), I'm going to donate an equal amount to an organization that will directly help the Chinese people that have been oppressed by their government. I'm open to suggestions on this... Feel free to make one in the comments.


A few days ago, I did some online shopping at Amazon. I temporarily forgot all about my boycott and just added a few things to my cart without a second thought. One of those things arrived today and guess what... MIC. I went back to the original product description and the country of manufacture is nowhere to be found. This is going to be tough. I have an invisible enemy.

There are two more purchases arriving soon from the same shopping spree. Neither of them mention the country of manufacture in the description. I have a bad feeling about both of them, but maybe I'll get lucky. I'll keep you posted.


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