Friday, December 21, 2007


Make for thyself a definition or description
of the thing which is presented to thee,so as
to see it distinctly what kind of thing it is,
in its substance,in its nudity,in its complete
entirety,and tell thyself its proper name,
and the names of the things of which it has
been compounded,and into which it will be

For nothing is so productive of
elevation of mind as to be able to examine
methodically and truly every object which is
presented to thee in life,and always to look
at things so as to see at the same time what
kind of universe this is,and what kind of use
everything performs in it,and what value
everything has with reference to the whole,
and what with reference to man,who is a
citizen of the highest city,of which all other
cities are like families; what each thing is,and
of what it is composed,and how long it is the
nature of this thing to endure.

-Marcus Aurelius Antoninus

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