Friday, March 31, 2006


It's official! Ellen and I closed on the townhouse downtown and we'll be moving in tomorrow! Yippe! Ask me if you need the address.

In other news:

I made an unexpected trip to Washington, D.C. March 1-5, to help out Dad. It was certainly a relief to see him doing well after his surgery and to be able to help him on the road to recovery. As a happy bonus, I was also able to meet my newest niece!

I saw my favorite jazz pianist, Chick Corea, on 3/12. He played with...
Touchstone featuring world-class Flamenco/jazz musicians, formerly members of guitarist great, Paco de Lucia's band; Jorge Pardo -— sax and flute, Carles Benavent -— bass, Rubem Dantas -— percussion, and long-time Corea collaborator Tom Brechtlein on drums. Special guest appearance by Spanish Dancer, Auxi Fernandez.

Ellen and I have also recently invested in some new downtown transportation. We're planning to take our Breezer bikes pretty much everywhere we can including grocery shopping, and for me, to work a few days a week. So far we've been making quite a few evening and weekend trips around town. The weather has been perfect for riding. My short-lived infatuation with the Kronan is over... for now.


Anonymous said...

jazzy bike jon!
hope the move went well!
I went to the townhome website, what place are you, i wanted to see your model?

Jonathan said...

For others wondering the same thing as my sister, navigate on over to Artisan Village and look at Floorplan 4.

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Loved readinng this thank you