Tuesday, March 13, 2007

9/11 Cell Phone Calls Were Impossible

Still believing the 9/11 commission official report?

Read this...

Some responses to the research:

I have repeatedly tried to get my cell phone to work in an airplane above 2-3000 feet and it doesn’t work.

I write in praise of your report, as I have felt from day one that the cell phone ‘evidence’ was perhaps the flimsiest part of the story, and am amazed that nobody has touched it until now.

Responding to your article, I’m glad somebody with authority has taken the trouble to scientifically prove the nonsense of 9/11.

Of the 37 calls attempted, I managed to make only 4 connections - and every
one of these was made on final approach, less than 2 minutes before flare,
I.e., at less than 2,000ft AGL.

I find it highly unlikely that anyone could have used a cell phone on 9/11/01 at above 2000 feet.

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