Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Dell Customer Support

I was trying to get a simple question answered today regarding a monitor for sale on Dell's website. After speaking with the clueless sales person for an hour, she transferred me to technical support. Technical support, of course, needs a service tag from a product, so I gave them the one from my laptop. Since this was a monitor related question, however, I was transferred to that department - - so I thought. In the transition I got this message:

We're sorry. We cannot continue processing your call. Please hang up.

What's that supposed to mean? The phone support equivalent of "bug off," I suppose.

UPDATE: I FINALLY reached a salesperson who was extremely helpful and went the extra mile to get the information I needed. She was really the first person I talked to at Dell that stepped a little bit "out of the box" and away from the standard script. Hats off to MaryN! I guess there are a few good apples out there after all. And the lesson here to Dell is to encourage employess to use all means necessary to help the employee rather than following call scripts. I went through enough "choose-your-own-adventure" menu options just to talk to a live person. I don't want it to seem like I'm talking to another computer when I finally do reach a human.

By the way - here is the new toy. This monitor was originally reported to have some display issues. I was trying to determine if the "fixed" revision A02 was shipping.

UPDATE #2: I got the wrong one! After all that, I got the A01 revision; the one with troubles. So... I sent the thing back and got a Gateway instead, which I love. So - boo to you again Dell!!!!

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