Saturday, December 10, 2005


So much to be thankful for this year! I didn't even have time to celebrate the one year anniversary of this blog! I feel like I have really been saturated with new experiences this year; amazing trips, grand milestones, fantastic people. So much to blog about... The latest "new thing" is that I signed up for a flickr account, which allows me to organize photos into sets for easier digestion. Yeah, really grandiose after making such a bold brush stroke in the previous sentence... But I'm pretty excited about the ability to share more experiences with others and to be able to access those memories more readily than before. What else is life but the sum of our experiences? There we go... That's the philosophic scale of thought I'm looking for...

Without further ado, here's the old familiar format:

11/23 through 11/28: Thanksgiving at the new Ganzell home in Maryland. Highlights included the time spent with family, fantastic eats, watching House of Flying Daggers on the 20 foot screen, and touring Washington D.C.

12/3 - I participated in the IAC 2nd Annual Golf Tournament at El Caro Golf Course. I didn't repeat my last performance. As I matter of fact I stunk.

12/4 - Ellen and I picked up a cut tree at Lowe's and decorated it. My first live Christmas Tree since living on my own... Smells great! Also watched The Corporation. I really need to become a more educated shopper. Sweatshops are teh suck.

12/5 - Steamboy was just OK. It had its moments. Patrick Stewart provided more than his fair share of those moments.

12/6 - Officially hooked on Sudoku.

12/7 - I hadn't played Risk this fiscal quarter. But I still got it... I took over the world!

12/9 - Dayna returned from Japan. Then I played poker. We played Omaha instead for one game, which was a twist - and which also didn't help me win one iota.

12/10 - Hello, today! I fixed my A/C blower today in the Tacoma. Thank the internet for Online Factory Service Manuals!

And one more "new thing" before I go. Check out Delicious, if you haven't already. It's a wonderful way to keep my bookmarks organized.


Yokimbo said...

How was House of Flying Daggers? I've wanted to see it for a while now but just haven't taken the time.

Maribeth- the sister said...

awesome if it is projected on the side of a house & you're sitting in front of a campfire!