Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Out of Ink

I bought a new printer yesterday at Target. $24.99. Why? It was cheaper than an ink refill ($29.99) Made in China. I'm doing a horrible job at being a better consumer... At least I'll be giving the old one to Goodwill, so maybe someone who immigrated from China can buy it for $2 now.

Other updates (backwards this time... madness!):

  • 12/19 :: There is drywall up in the house downtown! Yea! Progress! Ellen and I stopped by after eating yummy stuff at Fate.

  • 12/18 :: And closely related... congratulations to Doug and Kristen Hill, Ellen's realtors, who were married Sunday night. Smooth music was provided courtesy of Kid Merv.

  • 12/17 :: My computer broke. I fixed it. Sorry I missed the party Karey!

  • 12/16 :: The Carpet rides again at the Last Exit. Sounding better every time Mr. Wilson (et. al.)!

  • 12/15 :: Met with Victoria Canada. Potential wedding planner.

  • 12/14 :: Ellen had a dream in which a word was hovering over her head. That word had the letter "O" in it, but she doesn't remember what the word was. Layers from the letter were peeling off and dripping into her eyes. After she told me I just thought that it was really striking imagery so here is a note for me to remember.

  • 12/12 :: Met with D'Lynne. Potential wedding photographer. Very nice, artistic work.

  • 12/11 :: Went to St. Mary's Basilica. The priest was quite animated and entertaining. The Phoenix Grill sucks. Don't even think about it. I'm not even going to link to it so hopefully you'll never find it. Dayna had her annual Christmas Dinner tonight with the traditional watching of the South Park Mr. Hankey episode. Always a laugh in there...
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