Monday, November 14, 2005

D: None of the Above

Other November junk I missed:

11/4 - First Friday. The shops along Roosevelt that are built into Artisan Village are finally open. The guitar shop, pie store and mini department store are highlights. I noticed that the crowd seemed a little more "tame" this time around, however.

11/5 - I played in the final Shiner Bock Poker Tournament at the AZ State Fair. Didn't win. Here is the sob story: Getting low on chips, I decided to go all in on a pair of Kings before the flop. Not a bad decision. I had one caller, who had a pair of nines. Even better decision on my part! Here come the flop. . . two more nines. Ouch. Four of a kind for Mr. Lucky takes me out of the game. I did get to try a new ride at the fair though. The tango (manufactured by KMG) is the most frightening ride I've been on. Even more so than my favorite: The Zipper.

11/6 - Will Ferrell movie night. Yummy Thai from Char's, followed by Bewitched and Melinda and Melinda. Bewitched wasn't as bad as all the reviews made it out to be. and the latter movie was pretty decent too. I can't imagine living in the New York city that Woody Allen has in his head.

11/8 - I would highly recommend Good Night, and Good Luck. If only journalists today had the same integrity.

11/9 - I achieved legend status today by defeating Tiger Woods in his video game. Yea me.

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