Monday, September 05, 2005

Long Weekend Update

Another catch-up post...

7/8 - A going away party was held for Henk-Jan, the German, Dutch guy from Switzerland. I stuffed my first pinata for this event.

7/9 - Casual poker tournament at one of Ellen's co-workers houses. At night, we dropped in to a Baby Shower party. Jaden was later born on August 27.

7/10 - Had dinner with Mom and Dad.

7/14 - Went to Houston's for dinner. Great ribs and a nice dirty martini there.

7/15 - Went cosmic bowling on a off night with some friends. Still rolled OK in the dark. Oh - and I got a new hat from the Miller Lite guy. Whee.

7/16 - My boss, Norm, had a poker tournament at his house. I came in second place. Dinner provided by Honey Bear's BBQ. Best in town.

7/17 - Wandered by Artisan Village to check out the progress of the Condo / Row House / Townhouse - and took some measurements.

7/21 through 7/24 - Boeke Family Reunion 2005. Ellen got to meet the family at Hueston Woods State Park near College Corner, OH. We rented a Chrysler convertible for the drive from the Indianapolis airport. It was fun rolling through the farmland with the top down. The nieces and nephews seemed to enjoy getting rides in it too. New this year was a beer brewed in honor of Linus and Mildred (Grandma and Grandpa Boeke) and an official decorate-it-yourself T-shirt and picture frame. It was nice to see all the family and meet a new member or two as well.

7/28 - Henk-Jan managed to get two going away events. One was a happy hour at Tilted Kilt today.

7/29 through 7/31 - Went camping in two spots. The first was a tiny peninsula that barely fit Ben, Dave, John and I (and 3 dogs) right next to the lovely Blue Ridge Reservoir. We paddled around via inflatable raft and got some swimming in as well. The next day our plans were to hike to Fossil Springs, but rain forced us to reconsider. Instead we went on a search for Verde Hot Springs. We did locate the springs with 4 naked gentlemen sitting in it, one of them with butt-crack length grey hair talking about the evils of our government and occasional exiting the water to play his wooden flute. That was unexpected. The water was indeed hot, but not uncomfortable.

8/1 - Feeling sick today, so I took the day off to go check out the junk at ASU Surplus, furniture shop with Ellen at Newport, grab some Thai from Rice Box and rent a pretty mediocre movie.

8/5 - Had dinner at Cafe La Bella. Then went to a party held by Dayna.

8/6 - Went to a poker tournament hosted by Medtronic in order to benefit the United Way. I ended up somewhere in the middle of the 100 participants.

8/9 - The Herberger Theatre hosts "Second Tuesdays." It is a happy hour with food, wine, music and art samplings. Jae from Ballboy was showing some of the movies from A3F. Oven Times May Vary received applause. Otherwise the event was not very fun.

8/13 - After visiting Phoenix Downtown Public Market and lunch at Zoe's, Dayna, Ellen and I headed up to Arcosanti for a tour. Some thoughts from the tour:
  • If everyone in the world consumed resources at the same rate as the United States, we'd need 17 Earths.
  • 60% of the surface area of Phoenix Metro is used for servicing automobiles (roads, parking lots, etc.)

  • 8/14 - In a quest to delve deeper in to the spiritual side of human life, Ellen and I went to Valley Unitarian Universalist Church. And when attempting to answer the bigger questions, it's always good to have breakfast. We also bought a chess board today.

    8/16 - Dayna had a birthday party toady. Wine was the order of the evening. And I've got no problems with that.

    8/18 - Ellen's friend Andy is a producer and we were invited to a screening of Little Victim. It was interesting to ask a few questions at the after-party about how independent film makers operate.

    8/19 - Poker night at Mikolajczyk's place.

    8/20 - Took a quick overnight camping trip to Flagstaff to get out of the heat. Went to the Flagstaff Farmer's Market on our way out of town and picked up some fresh corn on the cob, which made for an excellent dinner.

    8/22 - Made some soup and showed Ellen the wonderment that is Spinal Tap.

    8/23 - Gila River Casino is hosting a Diamondbacks Charity Texas Hold 'Em Tournament. The winner gets $10,000. The buy in is $250, but there are also satellite tournaments for $30 where you can win a seat in the main tournament. Ellen and I played in one of these tonight. Neither of us are going to be in the big tournament...

    8/25 - Went to a D-Backs game against the Mets. The home team lost again.

    8/26 - Continuing on the chess theme started on 8/14, we rented and watched Searching for Bobby Fischer. A fun movie whether you like chess or not.

    8/27 - Party, whoo! Socialized at Mikolajckyk's and Peiffer's this eve.

    8/28 - Watched 40 Year Old Virgin with Jen Aaron and Ellen. I laughed a few times.

    8/31 - A co-worker reserved a hotel room at Best Western so that we could celebrate the last night of bowling without need to worry about driving home. Celebrate the last night of bowling?!?!? Eh - whatever - I was in. We spent most of our time at Santisi Brothers playing darts. And I have to admit it was nice being close to work the next morning.

    9/2 - Hosted some folks here for Poker. I went out first. Bad playing....

    9/3 - Ellen and I went up to Prescott Valley to bet on the ponies at Yavapai Downs. We both lost a few and won a few and at the end of the day came pretty close to being even. We took the long way home through the old mining town of Jerome and had some surprisingly fantastic Italian at the randomly picked Belgian Jenny's.

    9/4 - Finally made it down to Fossil Springs with Aaron, Jen, Jay, Allison, Brenda and Ellen. The hike took longer than anticipated, but it was well worth it. We were greeted with refreshing, crystal clear water bubbling up from the ground and dropping off of waterfalls into cool pools. This was a very beautiful, green, lush area. The hike out was a 1,300 foot elevation gain in a 4 mile span. Not so fun. After all that work, on the way home, we stopped in Pine, AZ at the Pine Verde Mexican Restaurant.

    9/5 - Today I'm doing some laundry, blogging away and I'll probably get an oil change and new swim trunks (ripped mine yesterday on some barbed wire). Then I'll call my family members, which I'm habitually very bad at doing. And perhaps I'll wind down the evening with a movie and some popped corn.

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