Monday, May 16, 2005

Filling in the Blanks

SO what has happend between April 11 and May 11 you ask? Don't want to miss one juicy morsel of partially bloginated goodness? Well you are in luck:

4/12 - Saw Sin City. Violent, but stylisticly neato.

4/14 - Ellen hosted poker night at her place. I might have won the last game.

4/16 - Another movie: Sideways. It was "cute-funny"; not side-splitting laugh-out-loud funny, but "gee that's swell" funny.

4/17 - A bid on a HUD house but didn't get it because my ex-realtor "had some technical difficulties." Thanks Craig! Also - ate dinner at Pita Jungle and stopped by the bark park with Hazel and Asher.

4/18 - Played 18 mini-holes at Fiddlesticks with Ellen. Then got matching great big goofy sunglasses with our winnings. We're so dang adorable...

4/20 - MMMmmm... Try the sweet potato french fries at Delux. (But don't accidentally leave your credit card there.)

4/22 - Went to Valle Luna for dinner and saw The Interpreter with Ellen's boss and boss' S.O. The movie held my attention.

4/23 - Party. Ellen's friends. Plaid pants.

4/24 - Went to SMOCA to catch an exhibit called Strangely Familiar, which had its high points, but the photo exhibit, Street Credibility, was much more interesting. I especially liked Diane Arbus's work. Very raw and dark.

4/25 - Helped Mandy with a quick website for a class. Go here and be wowed.

4/26 - Basketball was off the prior 2 weeks - so it was good to get back on the horse tonight. Horse basketball is much more fun than regular basketball. Fouls are difficult to interpret, though. Usually "no dismount, no foul" works as a pretty good rule.

4/27 - 70's Bowling night at Deer Valley Lanes for all thir league officers. I won a gift certificate for my recycled costume from Michelle's 30th b-day party.

4/28 - Poker.

4/29 - Drove to my sister's place in CA. Listened to The Art of War and Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them on CD on the way.

4/30 - Took Jolie to the Zoo. Hurray for giraffes!

5/1 - Happy May! Bought strawberies at the Claremont Farmers Market.

5/2 - Ate Strawberry Shortcake.

5/4 - The stuff that is stuck in the trap of a bathroom sink is very stinky. Ellen learned Euchre tonight.

05/05/05 - Ate at Valle Luna again to celebrate my Mexican Heritage.

5/6 - First Fridays! Yea art! Also saw Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which was good fun.

5/7 - Had a round of golf with Mr. Wilson at Ahwatukee Lakes. Nice short course that is still a challenge and is nice to look at. Later on there was another party with Ellen's friends. We played ping-pong.

5/8 - Mother's Day. Went to church at St. Thomas More. Had brunch at the Arrowhead Country Club. Checked out some model homes and played Euchre with the folks.

5/11 - Kung Fu Hustle. Funny stuff. Go see it.

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