Monday, April 11, 2005


March started with a bang. Somewhere, somehow... ...there was a bang.

3/3 - Caught James Cameron's latest flick at the Imax. Aliens of the Deep 3D covered some of the topics that I had just been reading about in the latest volume of Wired magazine. And the stuff that jumped out in your face was fun too.

3/4 - Played a little poker at Casino Arizona. I did not buy my baby a new pair of shoes.

3/5 - If you are in downtown Phoenix looking for some good Indian food, try Downtown Curry. It's biryani-licious.

3/6 - I built shelves. Sturdy ones, too.

3/7 - The screening for the aforementioned A3F festival took place tonight. "Oven Times May Vary" took home an Honorable Mention for Cinematography.

3/9 - Ellen made cherry pie. Yum!

3/10 - Acoustic Carpet, a band composed of Dave, Chris, Ben and Jeremy played at Mama Java's Coffee House tonight. I listened. We then went to the bar next door and sang karaoke and were serenaded by the lovely and talented Mary Ann, the Karaoke Queen Mother.

3/11 - Dinner and a Movie.

3/12 - Ellen's friend had a "Beers of the World" theme for a party. We stayed there briefly and then went to Joy and John K's post-post-post-wedding celebration.

3/13+14 - Congratulations Mom and Dad on your new computer. Glad I could help out with it!

3/17 - I hadn't played Risk in quite some time. I didn't achieve global conquest. But I did come in second place. Oh yeah - St. Patrick's day... we drank black & tans to celebrate.

3/19 - Went to the recently opened Downtown Phoenix Public Market. I bought rhubarb jam.

3/20 - Grabbed some Macayo's to go and watched Lightning In A Bottle. Oh Chuck D... Always making a statement...

3/22 - Ellen's team from work participated in dodgeball tournament. I cheered them on. I'm definitely going to have to play next year.

3/23 - In keeping with the silly month anniversary themes, this was our "Non-Tuberculoan" anniversary. To celebrate, we had Ellen-made raspberry pie, veggie soup and we played Boggle. Now that's love.

3/25 through 27 - Went camping in the Superstition mountains, somewhere around here. We almost rolled Ellen's Honda CR-V down a mountain. Seriously - we had one wheel about a foot off the ground at one point.

3/28 - Yeah, I still do laundry from time to time. I also watched Napoleon Dynamite this eve. GOSH!

3/29 - The boys from Acoustic Carpet played at open mic night at Last Exit. Again, I listened.

Stir with a heaping tablespoon of b-ball and poker.

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