Monday, April 11, 2005

February 2005

Man - this is getting tough. Perhaps I won't provide so much detail - but then - what kind of self-historian would I be?!

2/2 - Had the chance to have lunch with Ms. Ellen. We reviewed a book of Greek islands with aspirations of visiting some day.

2/4 - First Friday. Drum and fire and spaghetti.

2/5 - Joe Myers plays guitar like Michael Hedges. I caught the first one at Modified. The second one drove his BMW off a cliff.

2/6 - I won $50 on that Superbowl thing. I just happened to have the right numbers (0-0) for one quarter.

2/7 - I finished a game I was playing called Half-Life 2. Good stuff. Haven't played any others since then.

2/11+12 - Went up to Flagstaff with Ellen to get a little skiing in. We had been having some crazy rainy weather in the Valley which translates to heavy snow up north. Stayed at the Little America Hotel. Conditions: nice powder, but too much snow falling which limited visibilty. Also bought tire chains. Affixing them to tires is not a fun game to play.

2/14 - Valentines day! I never knew what was in fondue until today.

2/16 - I bought a tax lien certificate at the Maricopa County auction. If these people don't pay their taxes in 3 years, I get their property.

2/18 through 2/20 - I made a movie. The Almost Famous Film Festival gave us three guidelines and 48 hours to complete the task. Learn all about the results on the Team Shirley website. Or for something completely different you could just go to instead.

2/22 - Had a lovely dinner at the Coronado Cafe; an old Phoenix historic home converted into a restaurant.

2/25 - Some friends of friends own a ridiculously large home (6,434 SqFt) way out East in what used to be some sort of field. They have their own bar in the basement dubbed "The Leather Nun." Hung out there Friday night and stayed overnight in one of the 7 bedrooms.

2/26 - For Michelle's 30th birthday party she had a 70's theme. Enough polyester to go around... We made Shrinky-Dinks.

And throw in a few Tuesday night Basketball games and a few Thursday night poker rounds and you've got February all wrapped up.

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