Saturday, January 22, 2005

Where's Boeke?

A big shout out to my loyal blog readers out there... ...all 3 of em!

I'll make 2 posts - December and January - so as to not overwhelm. What happened the rest of 2004? Here you go:

12/4 > So the work party turned out to be pretty OK. We ended up bowling that evening, which is always a special treat. And when I say "special treat" I mean that I enjoy bowling and drinking.

12/5 > Sorry Mom. I went to a Unitarian Church today. At least it's church, right? They had some special guests from Transylvania, Romania there. That's where Unitarianism started back in 1568, but all I could think of was vampires. Dr. Judith Gellerd (one of the Guests) performed a beautiful violin piece by Ciprian Porumbescu entitled "Ballad." After church, we dined at Persian Garden Cafe on Thomas. Ellen had a Pomegranate/walnut stew that was very tasty.

12/6 > There are too many choices in the world. How do we avoid "buyer's remorse?"

12/8 > The man, the myth, the legend - or at least just the King of the Surf Guitar, Mr. Dick Dale, played this evening at Rhythm Room. The man had some serious energy and put some interesting twists on old classics.

12/10 > I followed the annual "Denises' Christmas Party Date" tradition this evening. We went to a lovely home near Simmons Insurance, where Denise works. The homemade ice cream almost beat the free drinks. After said party, we met up with David to catch Y.A.C.H.T. at the newly opened Four White Walls Gallery on Grand. And after that - not having done enough for the evening, we went to a nightclub called Karamba which apparently just became a gay bar, but was still having "Hot Pink!" night. Sharp interior (tables hanging from the ceiling and industrial touches) and good tunes to dance pants at.

12/11 > Holiday Party & Silent Auction @ AZ Wine Company to benefit Partners in Action. And wine tasting too! Yum. Ellen and I put a bid in on a basket of scented goodies, but were outbid. After the auction we got fixins for Red Pop floats at Pop Soda Shop then checked out the Chinese Cultural Center for a minute or two.

12/12 > Had some wonderful pasta @ Ma n' Pa Boeke's house followed by a walk through the neighborhood to see the holiday lights.

12/14 > So basketball was cancelled, so Chris, Dave and I had some of Phoenix's best wings at Native New Yorker. Followed that up with a bit o' poker.

12/15 > I have "Ellen Work Party" written on my calendar. This ended up just being a happy hour at Coach and Willies which, don't get me wrong, is a pretty good place for downtown phoenix to have.

12/17 > Devon's birthday happy hour at Metro Sportz Bar. The meeting of the ex-girlfriend and the new, improved girlfriend was relatively uneventful. Too bad my stomach was in knots all day thinking about it. We played some billiards and then had a bit o dinner at Chino Banditos. Fun concept - yummy food.

12/18 > I met Ed and Connie (Ellen's parents) tonight. Nice folks. Technically, I met them the previous evening but tonight we went out to dinner at Wildflower then played the 90's version of Trivial Pursuit. Ellen and I dominated. Go team!

12/19 > Ellen's friend Dayna had a holiday party this evening. Everybody brought a dish which was assembled into a tasty dinner. The tradition of watching The South Park "Christmas Poo" episode was consummated and a gift exchange was executed. I became the proud owner of wine, cheese, tea and chocolate.

12/23 - 12/27 > Spent Christmas with the family in North Carolina. Mom and Dad lost their luggage and Joe, Beth and family ended up getting delayed by the weather, but Santa still made it to town. There was plenty of playing and trampoline jumping and good food and good company. We celebrated Joe's 40th birthday at Green River BBQ.

12/28 > Mixed up some watermelon drinks at Ellen's place and watched The Girl with the Pearl Earring.

12/31 > New Year's Eve. Opah! We started the evening at Livinghead Studios and caught a couple of bands and had a couple beers. Then on to Mike and Angel's (Ellen's friends) in downtown PHX. Beautifully restored historic home with food catered by Zoe's and music by the Tongue Darts. Finally wrapped up the evening (and popped the corks) at Megan and Brian's rockin-blacklight-new-years-eve party. Scoobs proposed to Mandy before midnight. They met on New Year's eve several years back. Hurray for love n stuff!

Happy 2005!

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