Monday, January 31, 2005

Last day of January

Whilst I sit on my comfy new chair and sip free blended Scotch, let me tell you a bit about both of those items as well as other events that transpired in January 2005.

1/1 > What better way to spend New Years Day than with a little game of... guess... yep! Poker. Wouldn't want you to think I gave it up as a 2005 resolution, dear reader.

1/2 > Which brings me to the scotch. I never know if that word should be capitalized. In this case, I won't, since it wasn't single malt. Wouldn't want to disrespect the Scottish now, would I? On this particular Sunday, I accompanied Ellen to a give-away party. A friend of hers was selling his townhouse in the Biltmore region and rather than moving the extra items from his fully furnished condo back to Ohio, he decided to give said items to AZ friends. The big ticket items were distributed via a Rock-Scissors-Paper Tournament. Despite my initial instance that I not play (being only a guest) yours truly came in second place. The Lady or the Tiger?! Actually... It was the hammock or the grill as the keyboard was taken by the lady that bested me. I chose the hammock. Frame and all! The remainder of the items were gathered in the center of the room and names were drawn until everything was reassigned a local owner. I ended up with the hammock, a cactus (now Ellen's), almonds, wine, and... the scotch.

1/4> Went to the cine with m'lady. Now showing... The Incredibles. My $0.02: Of the Pixar flicks, it's a photo finish with Monsters, Inc.

1/5> If you must know, I washed my clothes on Wednesday, January 5, 2005. Feel better now?

1/6> What's this?! Basketball on a Thursday. Crazy but true.

1/7> A double DVD feature on the homefront. Anchorman and Dawn of the Dead.

1/8> Jen and Grant had a little shin-dig on up in Fountain Hills. I'd never been to Grant's place before. Nice pool...

1/9> Took a look at a few more houses today. Someday I'll find the right place.

1/10> Looked at a really nasty home in Coronado toady. Yow. Then had a little dinner at My Florist.

1/12> Our boss left IAC 1/14, so we decided to have a little happy hour night at Aunt Chilada's. I was able to use the gift certificate that I won on Halloween, which was nice. Good luck Deb!

1/13> More houses to look at. Ellen and I stopped in to a soulful place downtown called Bobby C's. Best music in a bar I had heard in a long time. And those green beans? Damn!

1/14> Coworkers Devon, Deana, Phil and I decided to reprise our "dinner night" by heading to Oregano's. Not a good idea on a Friday night. We waited for 2 hours to get food, but good times were had by all - and you can never wait too long for Boom Dip. After that, we hit Casino Arizona. I lost $40 at Blackjack, then won that back plus $20 at Texas Hold-Em. Not bad for a few hours entertainment.

1/15> Caught Ahmad Jamal at SMOCA tonight. Fantastic. He had a bucket of fun screwing around with Poinciana. Double-T HOTT. Also, I have "DBG" written on my calendar. No idea...

1/16> Went with Jen, Dayna, Ellen and... drat... (now I don't remember their names) to Queen Creek Canyon for some climbing. It had been a while - over a year - but it felt great! I need to make it a more regular habit again. Forget the gym. I want real rock!

1/19> Never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever eat at Wild Thaiger.

1/22> I tried to repair this problem for a friend, but after a few hours of failure we just ended up playing video games and poker with friends. Oh well...

1/23> Happy Dirt Anniversary to Ellen! Derived from the traditional year anniversary gifts, we decided to make month anniversary gifts. Three months is officially DIRT. We celebrated by replanting a cactus. I'll let you know what 4 through 12 are later on.

1/24> Movie night: The latest installment from Jeunet was quite well done, of course, but didn't move me as much as some of his previous cinematic ventures.

1/25> B-ball...

1/26> Laundry...

1/27> Caught a thingy at the Paper Heart by AZSA called Script to Screen. The last short was very cute.

1/28> Devon left IAC today. We had a happy hour at Charley's Place. I sang my Karaoke staple: Jumpin' Jack Flash. Followed that up with a trip to Hollywood Alley for a horrible band or two. Followed that up with a bit of a headache the next morning. Oooops.

1/29> Richardson's followed by Chez Nous. Nice.

1/30> Looked at a couple HUD homes. Finally some reasonably priced and decent looking homes - but... you have to bid on them. So - I'll see what happens. Had a little curry at Indian Delhi Palace. Helped moved some furniture. And found a killer garage sale too, where Ellen picked up a $25 stained glass lamp and I picked up... ready? ...a comfy new chair.

The circle is complete.

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