Saturday, December 04, 2004


Congratulations to me. My first "sorry I haven't written in so long" post. I've seen enough online blogs and journals to know that non-professionals like me MUST inevitably have a delay in the updates once in a while. Here be my first.

So it has been a month! And what a month it has been.

Pulling out the calendar...

11/5 - Spent happy hour at Ra with the crew wishing Karey a happy birthday. Then down to First Friday's and meeting a few of Ellen's friends.

11/6 - The debut performance of Acoustic Carpet at Bikram Yoga Tempe. I threw in a little backup singing and auxiliary percussion.

11/7 - Ellen and I went to Trader Joe's to indulge our mutual craving for Pumpkin Pie.

11/9 - Basketball night.

11/11 - Had a little dinner at the Italian Grotto in Scottsdale. Although the Chilean Sea Bass was quite yummy, I'll probably skip it next time around so it doesn't end up endangered. After dinner, Ellen and I popped open a bottle of wine and watched Team America: World Police in the back of my truck at the Scottsdale Drive-in. America, F-Yeah!

11/12 - Camping up at Mt. Ord was on the agenda for this weekend. Unfortunately, snow on the mountain changed those plans.

11/14 - Movie night! Watched Bad Santa with Ellen after taking the dogs to the Bark Park.

11/16 - Basketball night. Also made some pie crust in preparation for...

11/17 - No Meat Heat Chili and Lemon meringue Pie dinner @ Ellen's. Yum! I'll publish the recipes soon.

11/18 - Poker night.

11/19 - Went to Zen 32 for some happy hour sushi. Caught the movie National Treasure then went to Tim's place for some billiards and computer repair. I still need to figure out why the crap the "Error!" box keeps popping up. Finally, went to Last Exit to have a couple more beers before crashing at Chris and Michelle's place.

11/20 - Accompanied Ellen to a friend's Open House. Met plenty of the Medtronic crew.

11/21 - Spent a lazy day with Ellen. Took the dogs to the park and pulled the mattress out into the living room to watch The Ladies Man on the ceiling with the projector on loan from work.

What is love? What is this longing in our hearts for togetherness? Is it not the sweetest flower? Does not this flower of love have the fragrant aroma of fine, fine diamonds? Does not the wind love the dirt? Is not love not unlike the unlikely not it is unlikened to?

11/24 - Off to California to visit Maribeth, Sandy and Jolie. Ellen got to meet the folks, too. I think the game Apples to Apples has become the official Boeke family way to "break in the outsider." That was a good time.

11/25 - And Thanksgiving dinner was yummy, of course.

11/26 - And the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific was good fun too. We caught a show with a scuba diver in the tank talking about her job and the animals. The sea turtles would come over to her and start biting and gulping down the bubbles that she exhaled. Very entertaining. Also - the jellyfish were quite beautiful. And since I missed it on video here's a link to the Devil Scorpionfish.

11/27 - Ah. Catalina Island. Such a cute little town. We took a tour of the Casino, walked around town, had dinner at the country club, stayed at the Hotel Vincentes. It wasn't quite as Miami Vice as the photo.

11/28 - Breakfast at Sally's Waffle Shop followed by a nice hike through Wrigley Memorial Gardens, up to the top of the island where two sides were visible, as well as San Clemente island.

11/30 - Basketball was damn cold...

12/1 - I got a record player off of eBay and I started to copy a few of them to CD - starting with Dick Hyman's Electrodynamics. Fun Stuff.

12/2 - Poker night at La Casa Del Gato Negro. I drank beer.

12/3 - Another First Friday! Whee! Met up with Ellen, Dave and Denise at Matador downtown. We... um... didn't make it to any galleries. Next time.

There's a work party at the Sheraton tonight. It could be fun.

And now back to your regularly scheduled Saturday...........

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