Saturday, October 09, 2004

Lots of notes on a small piece of paper

- Law
- Banking

I'm interested in learning more about those two topics. A lot of power in those industries.


A bad joke. "I'm gonna knock you into Daylight Savings Time, Beeeeyatch!" The delivery was better when I thought of it.

- Axel

I need Billy to fix my rear axel seal on the Dodge.

- Dentist

Still need the wisdom teeth pulled. I wonder how long I can avoid this?

- Band Practice

Denise and I are starting a band. It's called "Don't F with G" We need a gimmick because we don't know how to play anything.

- Don't be the Unfun Hero

I just thought that would be funny to say to the person with poopy-pants.

- +

I had a PLUS symbol on my mirror for a while after watching "What the bleep do we know?"
Just a reminder of the power of mind over mater. Positive mental attitude and all that.

- Somebody's gotta watch it

Another slogan. Like "Coors Light: Smells like daddy."
This might be "ABC: Somebody's gotta watch it."

- Get naked

Just a note on the bathroom mirror with an arrow pointing to the shower for the hell of it.

- Current time

Another note on the bathroom mirror pointing to the clock. I've got dry-erase markers don'cha know.

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